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Mount Frissell, CT (2,380') - September 4, 2010

Stephenie got a nice nap in as I drove through New York, across the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge and into the great state of Connecticut. One of the exciting things about this trip was that it was taking me to many states that I had never been to before. CT was about what I expected. Sleepy little towns filled with well to do individuals surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful countryside.

Mt. Frissell’s southwest shoulder is the highest point in Connecticut at 2,380 feet above sea level. It is one of only three US state highpoints that are the highest point in a state but not technically the summit of the hill or mountain. To get there, we traveled down some twisty dirt roads. Like many highpoints, there was a bit of ambiguity in the directions, and finding the trailhead was a bit of an adventure itself.

Once we were mostly convinced we were in the right spot, we set off with much haste. It was getting late into the afternoon and we didn't want to hike back in the dark. The trail began winding its way through dense forest. I was pleased that some light scrambling up some rock faces was involved before we got too far along the trail. Before two long, we were second guessing if we were on the right trail as it lost quite a bit of elevation and worked its way north. Consulting my GPS equipped phone wasn't helping much, but provided some guidance.

Before long we had found the summit marker. We were also treated to some nice views along the way, but the best part was yet to come. On the hike back it started to rain. Not hard, but hard enough that we were quite wet in no time. This was not the best part. The best part came when the sun dipped low enough in the sky to shine in from underneath the clouds. With the rain coming down all around us and the sun shinning brightly, we were suddenly immersed in enchanted surroundings that neither words nor pictures can do justice. Everything was illuminated in a bright orange light that was surreal. The real treat came in the form of multiple rainbows. We took some artistic photographs with them and made it back just before dark.

By the time we located the nearest camping site on the map we were too tired to hike in the 1/2 mile to the campsites. We ended up laying down the back seats and sleeping with our legs in the trunk of our car and all our luggage in the front seat. It wasn't the best of accommodations, but we were happy to get some rest after a long day.

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