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High Point, New Jersey (1,803)

After spending a few days with Stephenie's relatives in PA, we hit the road to continue on our quest. After stopping by my Aunt Gloria and Uncle Ski's house, we met Stephenie's aunt, uncle and cousin at the New Jersey highpoint for lunch.

Located at the extreme northern corner of the state, High Point is not a mountain in its own right, rather the highest point in the long ridge of Kittatinny Mountain. The state has built a huge monument in the style of a classical obelisk on this point and made it a state park. The monument is comparatively huge given the height of the mountain itself and can be seen for dozens of miles in several directions.

The climb to the top of the tower was fun, but the views from the top were a little disappointing. Humidity must have been close to 99% in the top of the tower. Everything was damp. We enjoyed the views, snapped some pictures, and then headed to a more comfortable spot to wait for Steph's family to arrive.

After a nice lunch and great converstaion, it was off to visit the highest point in Connecticut.

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Map of US HighPoints
KEY: States: Green - summited, Yellow - attempted, White - Not visited
Dots: Green - State Lowpoint, Red - State Highpoint


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