Music, one of the oldest and most charished industries, is changing at a faster pace than ever imagined thanks to new technologies and the amazing connected world we live in. Can you imagine a future where there are more musians sustaining careers in their art than ever before, making more money than they do now, creating new generas to enjoy, while the music itself is completely free for all the world to enjoy!? This future is already here for the lucky few who understand the reality of progress and a passionate love of music. If aren't sure what I am talking about, check out this excellent article summing it up and let me know what you think.

When Pigs Fly: The Death of Oink, the Birth of Dissent, and a Brief History of Record Industry Suicide.

Mission to Mars: A True Story
By Erica Naone
A graphic story chronicling NASA's various attempts to explore the red planet.

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Blog: Exposing Big Polluters
By Kevin Bullis
A new application based on Google Maps reveals what toxins are pouring out of the innocuous-looking factory next door